Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Embarrassment Moment: The burning hand

When was your funniest moment in your life?
I think about this when I face myself in front of mirror this morning. Suddenly this funny incident cross my mind. Hah! I never thought that it can be joke for myself and my friend-William.'s the story.

2011 CNY, I helped my mom in the kitchen. I lek lek wanna helped my mom out to cut the cili padi. The easiest job ever. I thought. So I cut the 20-30 cili padi by a knife and a pair of uncovered hand. 30 minutes later, I started feel my fingers in red pain, like fire burning! I quickly put my fingers to the waters. It relieved a while but I can't waste the tap water just like that. Then, it became more serious pain that couldn't help. My mom and my sis gave me the traditional treatment like toothpaste and soy source, but I still couldn't get rid of it. Then my whole palm became "piggy hand" that in red and swollen.  So my maid taught me one, put my palm in the ice water. really relieved... but the moment I took out my hand from the ice water, it started to burn like hot fire again! So suddenly my hand can't live without the ice water.

So my sis told me that there is a very effective cure cream for burning one. But that's CNY period. Lots of shops not opened. The only place is to go the big shopping mall. So One U crossed our mind and we decided to go there immediately. Due to the serious red and swollen hand can't separate from water, I prepare a plastic bowl with ice waters inside it, and I carry it to One U with me.

So I waited my sis in the car, because I think carrying the plastic bowl with ice waters and go shopping is silly. The longer I waited, the impatient I was. Suddenly I got a call from my sis and have to go check out the cream personally. So I decided to left the bowl of ice water in the car and go to Guardian. I thought after two hours ding dong, my palm should be alright. But god damn it....the far I walk, the palm became more itchy, and in fire burning again!

I quickly turn back to the car again. Get the plastic bowl with ice water with me, carry  it and walk 10 min from car park to the Guardian. How funny is that? =.=" I keep walking and just hope that no one seeing me carrying the stupid  plastic bowl of ice water that putting my hand inside it...
Ok. Fine. I reached Guardian. There's a lot of people shopping in Guardian, I mean wtf, CNY why come to this personal care shop? I showed my piggy red burning palm to physician, she said nothing she can help but put on the anti-burning Dettol cream. Sigh. No choice but I have put on immediately although I know it's not useful.  While I was still in the Guardian carrying the bowl of ice water, this is the moment that you don't wish to see, you meet your old friend!

"Hey...long time no see!" then he look at my bowl of water and asked, "What happened?"
Sigh...wat an embarrassing moment! "Yea, I burn my cili padi, I can only feel relieve when putting my hand in to the ice waters...." I showed him my piggy hand.
"Oh no.....btw, this is my gf....Hi..."
I smiled...."Hi, sorry that I couldn't do hand shake...." Everyone laugh...

It took about 9 hours to relieve my palm from the burning. The lesson learnt, never ever cut the cilipadi with uncovered hand!

Yea. That's my one of the funniest story. What's yours?

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