Thursday, August 2, 2012

The day I move on

Yes, it's been almost a month I left Malaysiakini.
For the past 2.5 years, it was a wonderful experience for me. Probably the memorable one.
I still remember how I applied the job.
I printed the CVs and carried them in my bag. I planned to pass my CVs to my clients whenever I meet them.  I think that's the fastest way to get a job. In fact, after filtering through which client I should pass to, I kinda find Malaysiakini interesting. So when I met See Tho, Malaysiakini, I passed him my CVs right after the Telco technical meeting. haha...

As many young Malaysians, I knew nothing about the politics. I rarely read newspaper or local news. It's such a big challenge to run the role when you know little. But there's always a passion inside me wanted to contribute/do something for the society. Moreover, I didn't know Malaysiakini until my hubby(that time was bf) told me how exciting this site is.

Ok, that's my journey started! Run, kick, jump, spend the days & nights and drive everywhere to the max we could. I have so much fun and good memory with Malaysiakians. I don't know what I would be if without their jokes, loves, cares. Their persistence, courage spirits complete my life. I think that's the only place that given me the opportunity to adventure, in protest, rally, watch reality political face-off show, meanwhile tap myself into business, marketing, a bit of tech, social media and online media, events, journalism, NGOs etc. I couldn't deliver to the fullest if without their supports.
Mkini Buka Puasa Dinner July 2012: They invited me to enjoy the get-together dinner after I left! What an honor! (Left: Prem, Ee Chia, me)

Mkini Staff Dinner 2011: Mask is a Must Dancing-Girls Generation. Dance like Korean
 World Press Freedom Day May 2012: See, one way to say hi to the world....(Auntie Bersih was there..)

Where were you on 28 April 2012? I was with Oliver at the front line leading the Bersih 3.0 crowd! Count from 2nd left, with hat, lame ...hahaha

 Mkini Girls Formation: Staff Dinner 2010. The funniest moment and dancing part in the house...Look at these crazy guys behind...

Yea, it took a long time  for me to make a decision to move on. As I believe that every decision made will link the dots to the future.  I mean, if you still young (by heart), go & apply for it. Work isn't about 9-5, it's about the enjoyment and life fulfillment. Where else you can get all experience at one place?

Thanks to Malaysiakini, it brought me further to where I want to be. So, I decided to move on to social media + Ad creative area which I most passionate about. It's been a month in a new company and I'm looking forward to higher challenge. :)

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