Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Happiness.

 Woo hoo! It's holiday! Finally I can take a full rest in this 4 days.

Hubby kept asking what plan I have for this 4 days. Haha, I have no idea. But I wanted to do something different and make full use of it..and here's what we did...

#1 Back to home.
Missed Mr.Bobby the most the night before. It's so calmly watching him behind.

 #2 Supper time
Friday night! How can we not to have the happy hour with some good friends? Well, it's been some time didn't catch up with Jason & Kelly and of course the nice bacon wrap fish roll...

#3 Have nice meals for a day.
Next day, we eat whatever we wish to eat long time. Take the time to enjoy coffee aroma, a green salad to refresh our body after taking the heavy Char Kuey Teow breakfast! Of course, the lovely person would make my day big difference! ha!

#4 Again, supper time at 记得吃!

 #5 Housework!
Aww.....so full after supper! I always feel guilty after eating so much then my tummy will appear. One thing I will do is do housework-take the broom, mop the floor, and he will clean the toilet...isn't it one stone kill two birds? :)

How's your holiday?:)

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