Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Books time!

Knowing that KLCC is having the #Bookfest @ Malaysia 2012, we made a trip there. This is our first time visit the bookfest though it has been running since 2006!Ha!

They claimed that the books display from various countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, UK etc, I still find that every booth display almost similar titles or could it be that I have collected most of them?:P

I managed to grab 5 titles at reasonable price.

#1 Warren Buffett's Management Secrets
#2 The Tao of Warren Buffett

I rarely touched on investment books, even I do, he is the person that I always heard of. These books is not about teaching you how to make rich, but how we can learn his management style and the words of wisdom by his ex-daughter in law.

#3 Youtube Founder's Biography-Steve Chen
I just want to know more about him since he is same age as me..:P

#4 The Power of Now II by Eckhart Tolle
I have the first book, definitely have to buy the latest for collection. It's the great book for meditation and soul journey guide. 

#5 Love &  Peace: Chinese family's Constellation
Another to-do list in this holiday is to find out the details about the family constellation though I have been joining the workshops and learnt about it. Among the five books, this is the most expensive (about RM40 only at at that thickness....). I spent the night reading it and almost finish 80%. I tell you... I felt touched every page I read, my hubby also don't understand why....it's such a powerful book...each and every story shares is happening around us everyday. 

This is the most recommended book to you if you are looking for the soul searching, spiritual or enlightenment etc. I'm glad that I got to know this at my young age. For more reference for family constellation psychology model, you can refer to the master-Bert Hellinger, he is a German psychotherapist associated with a therapeutic method best known as Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations.

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