Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A post that I forgot to published

I feel a bit down today. So I tried to divert my attention to blogging now.
It's been a while I didnt catch up with my ji mui. That's when I decided to have a home party at my house  on 2nd June 2012-Saturday. The easiest food for homeparty is steamboat. Cause you just need to put everything into one bowl only ma.

Before the gathering, hubby and I cleaned the house as if like CNY. We hadn't been clean it up since we moved in. The decoration, the storage and placement was the same until we have to do something for this occassion. He cleaned the balcony, toilets, fans, I cleaned for the floors, kitchen, foods and we bought extra chairs at IKEA last min. =.="

The good thing about inviting girls is because they helped out very quickly. My kitchen is full of people, washing, preparing dishes, food la etc to make sure that everyone got the best food.

Of course, the moment the school-mates gather, the stories of back-in-the days arise. We had fun & laugh till 230am.

So after home party, we couldn't wait to see Masha performance. Masha is a professional dancer. She told us that she want to perform for us before she leaves. Guess what, all the girls were excited! The place that she dance is in a typical Indian Pub at Brickfield. Honestly,all of us never been to Indian pub and that's why the husband, the boyfriend of us are so worried about our safety. They asked us not to go initially but because of the girls' power, they compromised and followed us. wahahahaha.....

All of us are Chinese and it became odd when a bunch of Chinese appeared Indian pub. The emcee+singer was surprised and welcomed us for the first time a group of Chinese visited.

We got free chicken wings, chicken nuggets and have some beers.

It was really impressed for me. How good if I know how to dance like this....I'm sure my hubby will be sex-cited! hahahahahaha.....

Of course everyone was forced to dance at the stage, regardless of girls or guys. 

You know la, after  spending the night in Indian Pub, my ears still non stop replaying the indian songs...

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