Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Digital Marketing Matters

Alright, finally the event is over. I still couldn't sleep on time. I think this is the only place i can share my feeling about this event as i dont have to care about the formality. Lots of things need to do, send thank u emails, post-morton meeting, reporting, reviews on feedbacks, payment check etc. I tell u, it's like no-ended thing.

 It is a good learning + running like a dog experience for me. I cant believe myself that I handle 10 things at one time and surprisingly at calm level. My eyes keep looked around just to ensure that things went well. Whether the water bottles is full on tables, whether the chairs is enough, whether the bags deliver correctly, whether the slides presenting are correct etc. If I were in the past, I already "Ben tahan" jor. Luckily I have an awesome team that I don't have to worry so much!
Full house!

Honestly, we never organized such a pro event before, and when things happened, the team tried many ways just to make it work. Bravo! If you were there in the afternoon session, you will know what I mean. It looks embarrassed when the slides are not ready and the speaker is already on stage, two of the speaker's colleagues fixing the Mac,trying to connect to the projector and 3 of my colleagues were helping. About 5 min, things was not going smooth and speaker was a little uncomfortable. I decided stepped down from the stage and checked what was actually happened. It become a bunch of girls fixing thing at front stage. It totally didnt look good at all. One colleague immediately called up to office (lucky that our office is just about 50steps away) and ask help from a Mac book user, emcee looked for the "keep missing" technical guy but still couldn't able to locate him.

I decided to take the mic and start asking questions to speaker and tried to comfort her. After 3 questions asked, I already have nothing to "goreng",luckily our guy manage to make it work and the speaker finally can share accordingly.

 Awkward. But it's a good thing to know that never rely too much on third paty (the keep missing tech guy) and be prepare for the Mac book problems. At least i feel glad that everyone trying to their best to make it succcess. That, you couldn't buy from money.
As moderator in Morning session: Panel 2-The secrets of social media & viral advertising campaign

There are some minor things that we could do it better. Yes, I believe we can do it greater next round. Besides thank you, I really can't find a word to express my sincere thanks to all speakers and their colleagues who are being so supportive. The thing that you don't know is, this is the first time I meet them in person. Haha. V(-.-)V And they are awesome gila, willing to share and guide me over the emails. I think we found the right track.

When everyone talks about digital marketing, yet, there are lots of newbie wanted to know more and don't know how to get started. I could feel the change and business transition into more digital and creative. As one of the speaker shared ( if not mistaken, it's Joel, Groupon), business innovation will continue be the main element in the future business success. Do join us for the next round.

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