Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Wedding album

Finally I got my wedding album at the final week. Phew....luckily there is no major changes needed. Otherwise you couldn't get the see my photos.

We signed up the wedding package with Touch Wedding House, Jln Loke Yew. If you ask my experience, well, don't expect too much if you sign up the cheapest package. Our package price is only at RM2500! (It's reasonable, with 5 gowns and 45 photos only). Because we think that we can spend more money on other stuffs instead of wedding album that might keep under the bed for the next 20 years.

So our requirement for the photographer is: simple and nice.

So my advice is, try to spend some time to search what type of photography you like. You will know the type of the photographs you want. And, tell them that even you are looking for simple, but ensure them to deliver the quality for you.

Ok,  let's check out my photos here, which i think it looks good:
 We took it at Lake Garden @ Jalan Parlimen.
 This photo makes me feel that I'm in Seoul!

 We also acted "cute". That's how we are.
This is our favourite....and we will hang it in our room:D

It's time to start count-down. 7 days to go. Gambate!!

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