Saturday, February 25, 2012

Delivery of betrothal gift 过大礼

My mom woke up very early on 21st Tue, which made me stressed. Because I thought the delivery of betrothal gift is as simple as this: pass the gift and then bye.

In fact, it's not.

My mom invited her gang of friends and my aunties to help out. About 15 of them. My aunts cooked 10 different dishes for 20 person, and mom's friends in charge of gifts and return-gifts.

So what am I doing there? I just stand, pray, and eat.

According to the chinese tradition, delivery of betrothal gift is very important and consider the 1st ceremony of chinese wedding. It signifies the agreement of the marriage between both family, and groom's family has to deliver whatever bride's family requested.

Well, in this era, we keep it simple and just wrap it nicely.

We did follow some of the rules.

Why is coconut? According to hearsay, it wish the newly wed to have grand son and become grandparent.

This is it. My future son....(*imagining...) wakakaka....Angus is my newphew! He is also celebrating the ceremony with us! Cute?

This is the golden pig (金猪), which is a must in all chinese wedding. During ancient days, people will look at how big is the pig given by the groom's family, then they will judge whether the bride is good or virgin (黄花闺女).
But for our generation, we try to remove this from the to-do-list. For us, I suggested to my parents and his parent that if we can replace with ang pow, we will save more life.
Same goes to no shark-fin during wedding dinner.
But, they insisted.
 Well, no point to create another war during this happy time. As long as they happy...

Guess what it is? It's charcoal!

This is the wedding biscuits. It's also a must by bride's family. The funny rule is, the newly wed couple can not take the biscuit. Otherwise, it considered we break the rule. Well, I must introduce you to this Seremban Shop-美和. This shop sells only one type of biscuits. The KL price is average RM7.50 to RM8. We bought at RM3.50 only! And according to friends, they said the biscuits is nice!

If you are getting married and wish to follow the chinese tradition, here is the list of the gifts you have to get ready:

Ok, it's time to deliver the wedding invitation card now....OMG, still have a lot to go! Wish me luck!

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