Monday, February 20, 2012

The creative wedding proposal

I don't know who "invent" the wedding proposal in the early age.
But I guess for some guys, this is an unnecessary steps for marriage.
Because they have to knee-down in front of his love one, and sometimes, to the public too!
They said it's kinda embarrasing...

C'mon guys! This is the only show-off time to your love one!
I always tell my girl friends, the proposal is very important to us. Because it shows the commitment of a guy that is ready to his love one, to provide for each and another all their life, regardless of poor and rich.

It signifies a start and a new life for both person, that you no longer living alone, and you have someone together to walk with you for the rest of the journey.

Here I found a few most creative proposal ideas. I feel glad for the lovely couples. Maybe you can start some creative ideas now!

Idea 1: Love letter using Infographic

Idea 2: Use letter, but put it on paper.
Timothy (Co-founder of Nuffnang) given a surprise to his gf at downtown restaurant using a simple flipboard with some touching words. Ryan Seacrest and Christina Perry (singer for A Thousand Years) giving their best wishes to them after watching this video! What a lovely proposal...

Idea 3:  Sing and make your love spread in the air
This is the proposal from Taiwan. A guy proposed to his sstewardess girlfriend at Taiwan's airport. The guy took one of their favourite drama scene as a basic idea. And here it is:

Wishing all the lovely couples living happily ever after!

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