Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sisterhood Comes First!

Here i am.. attended my first political and women campaign, Menjana Kuasa Wanita 2010, organized by Empower & US Embasssy.

In fact, this workshop provides a lots of training, and empower me to be more confidence to become a Feminist. It indeed deepen my knowledge and to understand a broader view of women issues and challenges.

It's not easy to help and make a change to a woman, who stand strong in religion and cultural background, low education and low income with dependent mind. It also involve in a system, a "poor daily life system" that circulating in their life & mind everyday. It just like a trap, you cant breakthrough if you are not confident, courages and independent enough.

I'm impressed, that all the participants are from different political party. Guess what, our discussion was issues based instead of party or leaders. This is a good session for us to analyze the current situation that women is struggling. What if this happen to our Kerajaan now? i guess it would be much mroe efficient & effective to solve the social issues, instead of fighting for the party only. Honestly, rakyat are already bored about it.

Our target is to achieve 30% of women participation in the Next GE. Can we do it? The organizer keep put this in our mind. I guess the most important point is start from ourself, influence & help more women to be more independent, from mind, career and to family. Again, SISTERHOOD Comes First.

What we have learnt in the workshop is valuable and worthy. It's a new classroom for women politician, to be an enthic, smart, and ready to contribute for Rakyat. I believe this would help to create a brand new culture to the current poor political environment, if the potential women leaders start to share the idea of SISTERHOOD.

Or, i should say, apply this ethical politics workshop to all the politicians, they need to be educated.

What would the Next GE be? i'm looking forward to see the NEW Blood, New Culture!



  1. WOW! Jess...this is a great review for our programme. We are glad you experienced something positive and empowering. Keep us posted!

  2. Thank you Jana! You guys did a good job too!! We will do our best!:)

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