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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Embarrassment Moment: The burning hand

When was your funniest moment in your life?
I think about this when I face myself in front of mirror this morning. Suddenly this funny incident cross my mind. Hah! I never thought that it can be joke for myself and my friend-William.'s the story.

2011 CNY, I helped my mom in the kitchen. I lek lek wanna helped my mom out to cut the cili padi. The easiest job ever. I thought. So I cut the 20-30 cili padi by a knife and a pair of uncovered hand. 30 minutes later, I started feel my fingers in red pain, like fire burning! I quickly put my fingers to the waters. It relieved a while but I can't waste the tap water just like that. Then, it became more serious pain that couldn't help. My mom and my sis gave me the traditional treatment like toothpaste and soy source, but I still couldn't get rid of it. Then my whole palm became "piggy hand" that in red and swollen.  So my maid taught me one, put my palm in the ice water. really relieved... but the moment I took out my hand from the ice water, it started to burn like hot fire again! So suddenly my hand can't live without the ice water.

So my sis told me that there is a very effective cure cream for burning one. But that's CNY period. Lots of shops not opened. The only place is to go the big shopping mall. So One U crossed our mind and we decided to go there immediately. Due to the serious red and swollen hand can't separate from water, I prepare a plastic bowl with ice waters inside it, and I carry it to One U with me.

So I waited my sis in the car, because I think carrying the plastic bowl with ice waters and go shopping is silly. The longer I waited, the impatient I was. Suddenly I got a call from my sis and have to go check out the cream personally. So I decided to left the bowl of ice water in the car and go to Guardian. I thought after two hours ding dong, my palm should be alright. But god damn it....the far I walk, the palm became more itchy, and in fire burning again!

I quickly turn back to the car again. Get the plastic bowl with ice water with me, carry  it and walk 10 min from car park to the Guardian. How funny is that? =.=" I keep walking and just hope that no one seeing me carrying the stupid  plastic bowl of ice water that putting my hand inside it...
Ok. Fine. I reached Guardian. There's a lot of people shopping in Guardian, I mean wtf, CNY why come to this personal care shop? I showed my piggy red burning palm to physician, she said nothing she can help but put on the anti-burning Dettol cream. Sigh. No choice but I have put on immediately although I know it's not useful.  While I was still in the Guardian carrying the bowl of ice water, this is the moment that you don't wish to see, you meet your old friend!

"Hey...long time no see!" then he look at my bowl of water and asked, "What happened?"
Sigh...wat an embarrassing moment! "Yea, I burn my cili padi, I can only feel relieve when putting my hand in to the ice waters...." I showed him my piggy hand.
"Oh no.....btw, this is my gf....Hi..."
I smiled...."Hi, sorry that I couldn't do hand shake...." Everyone laugh...

It took about 9 hours to relieve my palm from the burning. The lesson learnt, never ever cut the cilipadi with uncovered hand!

Yea. That's my one of the funniest story. What's yours?

Cantonese Language Laugh #Onlyinmalaysia



香港: 呢个几钱啊?




我和我妈到澳门旅行,行到一间茶室休息叹茶,伙计落单时问我妈要喝什么,我妈说: “咖啡,Kosong的!” 伙计问么是Kosong? 哈哈哈!



Anymore you can share?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Books time!

Knowing that KLCC is having the #Bookfest @ Malaysia 2012, we made a trip there. This is our first time visit the bookfest though it has been running since 2006!Ha!

They claimed that the books display from various countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, UK etc, I still find that every booth display almost similar titles or could it be that I have collected most of them?:P

I managed to grab 5 titles at reasonable price.

#1 Warren Buffett's Management Secrets
#2 The Tao of Warren Buffett

I rarely touched on investment books, even I do, he is the person that I always heard of. These books is not about teaching you how to make rich, but how we can learn his management style and the words of wisdom by his ex-daughter in law.

#3 Youtube Founder's Biography-Steve Chen
I just want to know more about him since he is same age as me..:P

#4 The Power of Now II by Eckhart Tolle
I have the first book, definitely have to buy the latest for collection. It's the great book for meditation and soul journey guide. 

#5 Love &  Peace: Chinese family's Constellation
Another to-do list in this holiday is to find out the details about the family constellation though I have been joining the workshops and learnt about it. Among the five books, this is the most expensive (about RM40 only at at that thickness....). I spent the night reading it and almost finish 80%. I tell you... I felt touched every page I read, my hubby also don't understand's such a powerful book...each and every story shares is happening around us everyday. 

This is the most recommended book to you if you are looking for the soul searching, spiritual or enlightenment etc. I'm glad that I got to know this at my young age. For more reference for family constellation psychology model, you can refer to the master-Bert Hellinger, he is a German psychotherapist associated with a therapeutic method best known as Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations.

Simple Happiness.

 Woo hoo! It's holiday! Finally I can take a full rest in this 4 days.

Hubby kept asking what plan I have for this 4 days. Haha, I have no idea. But I wanted to do something different and make full use of it..and here's what we did...

#1 Back to home.
Missed Mr.Bobby the most the night before. It's so calmly watching him behind.

 #2 Supper time
Friday night! How can we not to have the happy hour with some good friends? Well, it's been some time didn't catch up with Jason & Kelly and of course the nice bacon wrap fish roll...

#3 Have nice meals for a day.
Next day, we eat whatever we wish to eat long time. Take the time to enjoy coffee aroma, a green salad to refresh our body after taking the heavy Char Kuey Teow breakfast! Of course, the lovely person would make my day big difference! ha!

#4 Again, supper time at 记得吃!

 #5 Housework! full after supper! I always feel guilty after eating so much then my tummy will appear. One thing I will do is do housework-take the broom, mop the floor, and he will clean the toilet...isn't it one stone kill two birds? :)

How's your holiday?:)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our first trip- Janda Baik~

  Though we used to meet each other in the office everyday, but we never go for a trip due to some "unidentified" reasons. Instead of waiting for someone to do it or wait for the right time, we decided to do it once for ourselves. To enforce this, I quickly bought the value deal from Groupon so that everyone is committed to it. Don't know why, I just love this lovely place, and I find so many reasons to convince the group to go. hahaha....Finally, here we are, Janda Baik!

10am We depart from our house and went to one of the famous porridge shop at Batu Caves. It's next to the Qiao Ming primary school. But I would recommend you to try Yuan Yang (Cantonese Mee) and its fish porridge. Super sedap!

About 12pm, we reached at Janda Baik, Cheringin Hotel, where I stayed once for spiritual workshop last year. Along the road it reminds me a lot of good memory with mates and the jogging trek. It's definitely a good place for meditation and to regain the soul & energy. I hope I can join the workshop again this Oct. :)

Alright, we had our lunch in the room, BURGER KING! As it's a bit hard to get for nice food so we might as well packed some fast food...Oh yes, not to forget the nice brownies from Nadya! She purposely made us a nice brownies for our trip even though she couldn't make it! How sweet!:)

 Yummy yummy brownies...Look at these 3 ladies....

 Yea, we almost got the plan ready....let's go!

We did all these:
Look at Danny...he tried to fit into kid's bicycle!!! Danny, give up la! wakakaka...

 Go go go for the ride!
Road to our hotel is high and steep. It's easy to ride down and enjoy the cooling winds but it's damn hard to ride it up again! But Ken is superb la...he can do it!
 YY beh tahan already.....after the ride, look at her red face...

Then, we wanted to explore the waterwall in Janda Baik. However, the hotel staff told us that it requires RM50 per head and min of a group of 30 people in order to guide us. So we decided to explore by ourselves, by car.
Heard that it need to drive and walk about 45min in order to get into the waterfall. Instead, we discover the river!
 Sneak and take a picture sin!
 Such a nice group photo, i Like!

 As I love Ee Chia saying, this is why we love our beautiful land....No Lynas ok?
 Besides, we also swim in the hotel....It's so cool that we swim on top of the hill...but the pool water is not so clean could be caused by the rain ...Didn't manage to take the swiming photo...but better not and Juju is too sexy, you'll have scary dreams later...hahaha

Alright, we didn't know that our resort is so close to Bukit Tinggi, it's about 15 min away! Of course we tried out the famous restaurant-风味。I didn't take much photos coz I'm so starving after so many rides and swimming!
This is the fried tou fu and minced pork! nice!
 Again, Malaysian new culture...take photos before we eat.
 Fish is so big, guess it has about 2kg...and a herbal chicken!

What we do at night? Eat, chill and watch the Dark Knight in room! Everyone is so kan jiong watching it and Ken become our story teller to share what happen to Harvey Dent!
12am: Danny wanted to light the KongMing lantern/ sky lantern for long time. And finally we made it here. Everyone wrote their wishes on the lantern and here is mine...World Peace, Be Rich and Healthy Always!
It was after rain and the weather is humid.  I feel it's safety to lighten the sky lantern when looking around the empty place and weather, the risk of burning other people house & forest is 0%.  haha....
 Still waiting for the candle to make its power to fly the lantern...

 Almost there...
 Finally... hope you'll make our dreams come true!!
Today, Pang shared with us that there is another famous shop in Bukit Tinggi. The hear-say about this restaurant is, the owner had a very bad accident few years ago and he no longer can walk. While recovering and doing nothing, he got some ideas for the restaurant. He names all the food from Chinese tales..

This is the shop...Bukit Tinggi BBQ!
 Look at the place, it's so cool that using umbrella as decor on top and the side is using the empty bottles. it's a cozy place where you don't feel hot at all...

 Let me tell you what are the funny and super cool names they used. Look at this dish, namely, Wu Li Dan Dao 乌里单刀. In Cantonese saying is, nothing makes sense. It's a rice mix with lots of veges and soup! Creative and nice meal!
 Deng Deng Deng Deng! This is their signature, BBQ lamp, which costs us RM190! But i tell you, all of them say this is the best in town!
 Guess what is this? Tou Fu with fried egg on top! quite cool leh!
 Ha... another signature! it's肥水不流外人田, direct translate is: good water save in own pot. Seafood like lala, prawns, crab been cooked and steam on top, the water/soup will dip to the bottom. After we finished the top part, the waiter will reserve the bottom part and cook with vege. It become a soup for everyone. That's why it name the best soup leave till the last. And it taste superb! Almost every table order this special dish leh!
 This is fried chili. It's similar like Yong Tao Fu but without the meat.
 Ha...this is another special. 雪山飞狐, "snow mountain flying fox:  hahaha...while we translated it, we also laugh, sure the English people don't understand it...The name come from one of the famous novel by JinYong(金庸). The owner BBQ-ed the fish and it's still keep the freshness and juice. Zheng!
 Soy Sauce BBQ Chicken, very tasty!

Almost 8 dishes we have ordered and it costs us about RM565. Look at the bill. Drawing tells it all. We tried to figure out which dishes costs how much. I think this is the most effective way when placing the orders than writting. You wanna play a guess?

 It's quite a short nice and relax trip for me! Hope we can go more in future!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The day I move on

Yes, it's been almost a month I left Malaysiakini.
For the past 2.5 years, it was a wonderful experience for me. Probably the memorable one.
I still remember how I applied the job.
I printed the CVs and carried them in my bag. I planned to pass my CVs to my clients whenever I meet them.  I think that's the fastest way to get a job. In fact, after filtering through which client I should pass to, I kinda find Malaysiakini interesting. So when I met See Tho, Malaysiakini, I passed him my CVs right after the Telco technical meeting. haha...

As many young Malaysians, I knew nothing about the politics. I rarely read newspaper or local news. It's such a big challenge to run the role when you know little. But there's always a passion inside me wanted to contribute/do something for the society. Moreover, I didn't know Malaysiakini until my hubby(that time was bf) told me how exciting this site is.

Ok, that's my journey started! Run, kick, jump, spend the days & nights and drive everywhere to the max we could. I have so much fun and good memory with Malaysiakians. I don't know what I would be if without their jokes, loves, cares. Their persistence, courage spirits complete my life. I think that's the only place that given me the opportunity to adventure, in protest, rally, watch reality political face-off show, meanwhile tap myself into business, marketing, a bit of tech, social media and online media, events, journalism, NGOs etc. I couldn't deliver to the fullest if without their supports.
Mkini Buka Puasa Dinner July 2012: They invited me to enjoy the get-together dinner after I left! What an honor! (Left: Prem, Ee Chia, me)

Mkini Staff Dinner 2011: Mask is a Must Dancing-Girls Generation. Dance like Korean
 World Press Freedom Day May 2012: See, one way to say hi to the world....(Auntie Bersih was there..)

Where were you on 28 April 2012? I was with Oliver at the front line leading the Bersih 3.0 crowd! Count from 2nd left, with hat, lame ...hahaha

 Mkini Girls Formation: Staff Dinner 2010. The funniest moment and dancing part in the house...Look at these crazy guys behind...

Yea, it took a long time  for me to make a decision to move on. As I believe that every decision made will link the dots to the future.  I mean, if you still young (by heart), go & apply for it. Work isn't about 9-5, it's about the enjoyment and life fulfillment. Where else you can get all experience at one place?

Thanks to Malaysiakini, it brought me further to where I want to be. So, I decided to move on to social media + Ad creative area which I most passionate about. It's been a month in a new company and I'm looking forward to higher challenge. :)